Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP)


To facilitate the support to the Microenterprise (ME) clusters and the MEs through the selected POs, the project is following a stepwise process beginning with an awareness workshop for POs to appraise them about the project and its objectives. The POs would be encouraged to collect information from the clusters they are familiar with and submit cluster level Sub-Project Concept Notes (SPCN). The SPCNs may have a combination of required initiatives for cluster level common service areas for better environmental management and climate resilience and the specific technical support and financial needs of the cluster MEs to improve their environmental performance and business development and transit to a more sustainable business practice. The objective of the SPCN is therefore to assess the needs of the cluster and cluster members, the feedback and support of the local community for the SPCN and SEP and the capability and experience of the POs to address these needs and implement the proposed sub-project. In line with the project background, objective and components, PKSF invites interested NGOs to submit Sub-Project Concept Notes (SPCNs) which will be evaluated for grant/loan consideration and to implement the sub-project as a Partner Organization (PO) under SEP.
SPCN Submission